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Best 3 Causes and Treatments of Vaginal Burning Recommend By Backpage Las Vegas
1.    Contact Allergies 

This condition occurs when the immune system of a woman becomes hypersensitive to some substances. The substances cause a vaginal burning sensation when they get into contact with that woman’s vagina. Treatment for this condition is mainly avoiding what causes the sensation.

2.    Genital Herpes

Whether you have sex with an escort or a new girlfriend, genital herpes is a major reason to use protection especially if you are not screened. It’s caused by the herpes virus and transmitted through sex. Genital herpes doesn’t have a cure but antiviral medications are used to treat its symptoms.

3.    Menopause

Vaginal burning during sex is common in women on reaching menopause. This is basically caused by shifting hormone levels. Hormone therapy can be used to treat vaginal burning if it’s caused by hormonal changes.
In most cases, vaginal burning is caused by infections. That’s why you should be careful when having sex with your girlfriend or backpage las vegas for the first time. Nevertheless, some causes of vaginal burning are treatable.

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